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Causes of sudden onset POTS

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So, I developed POTS almost instantly one day, infact I can pinpoint it to Sunday, 5th August 2018. My fitbit tracking my HR and vitals shows I was fine up to that, and this was the day all my symptoms started and I ended up in the hospital. I have been living a nightmare ever since.

I was wondering, as I was advised by JimL in another thread that I need to find out the cause of my POTS as it could potentially be fatal, but my doctors have told me that there's no point in looking as they almost never find out. Is there a way to narrow down causes based on weather the onset was so sudden? So I can eliminate certain potential causes? I feel like this would then give me a place to start with my GP as just diagnosing one of the many many causes can involve lots of testing and on the NHS just getting one test is months of waiting so it could take me years, assuming they'll entertain me at all.

I feel the more educated I can be the better.

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I can pinpoint when symptoms started that required a visit to an ER around Christmas, but in retrospect, I think there were symptoms before that seemed unrelated. Poorly treated H Pylori infection, diplopia, GI issues. For me all that started at the end of May and the only things I can think of for May is that I went to Florida a few weeks before, started running on a treadmill and ate cod that needed more cooking. The last was closest to the symptoms. Whatever the case, here I am. 

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