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ORS homemade versus purchased

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I'm new to a POTS diagnosis - I have just over one month of therapeutic level salt and water intake via just salt on food and plain water.  I've noticed an improvement - mostly when I had to stop them for a test.  I just received some Trioral ORS yesterday, and WOW, what a difference.  I feel like there is hope of me being me again!

I looked into making ORS at home, but then opted for the pre-made version for a trial.  What I'd like feedback on is: 1. Does anyone else make the WHO recipe at home and do you find it convenient, effective? 2. Has anyone used Trioral long term and does the effect change over time? 3. Will someone double check my formula and cost per 1000 ml dose (or 1 serving), please?

WHO recipe for ORS: NaCl 2.6g, KCl 1.5g, Trisodium citrate 2.9g, dextrose 13.5g

I did a bit of shopping around and selected these items from Amazon:

Sodium citrate 16oz/454g $10.52; 454g / 2.9g = 156 servings per container   $10.52 / 156 = 6.7 cents per serving

Potassium Chloride 1 kg $16.96;  1000g / 1.5g = 666 servings   16.96 / 666 = 2.5 cents per serving

Dextrose 32oz/907g $9.85;  907g / 13.5g = 67 servings   9.85 / 67 = 14.7 cents per serving

Redmond Real Salt 26oz/737g  $9.99  (I have a sensitivity to Himalayan pink salt); NaCl is 39% Na and 61% Cl, while Redmond is a bit less at 38%Na (although they have conflicting info on the label)                            

737g / 2.8g = 263 servings   9.99 / 263 = 4 cents per serving

6.7 + 2.5 + 14.7 + 4 = 27.9 cents per 1L dose/serving; Trioral purchased in 100ct pack via Amazon is 40 cents each dose

Honestly, I'm surprised that there isn't a bigger cost savings from making them yourself.  I'm thinking it isn't worth the effort to make them.  Wondering what others have found.  



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I make mine using Lite Salt which is potassium chloride, sea salt, and a little juice for the glucose (usually has potassium or other good things too-I favor natural cherry juice). Sometimes I add a tiny bit of Epsom salt (magnesium). I don't care for a lot of sugar or flavoring, so this works well for me. I don't mind the salty tase.

I have tried several kinds of commercial ORS... my doctor likes Banana Bag (it has added vitamins but I already supplement what I need). I haven't noticed a difference in how I do between my recipes and the commercial ones. 

I love to drink broth and V8 for salt and electrolytes too. I crave salt so much, it's easy for me to get the 15gm I'm prescribed.

That said, I'm struggling now despite all of my meds and interventions. It's not the salt/water's fault... I seem to keep trending downward every few months. But, I don't have POTS, it's some other disorder. Definitely dysautonomia plus more.

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ORS = Oral Rehydration Solution.


I use a recipe I found on Paleoleap.com: 1/4 teaspoon regular salt, 1/2 teaspoon low sodium salt, enough juice for about 20 grams of carbohydrates, and enough water to make the total volume 1 quart.  Sometimes I just put the salt into a bottle of Gatorade and drink it concentrated, with plain water after.  For traveling I make up little baggies of the salt mix in advance so I can mix them with bottled drinks as needed.  

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Guest ScottS

Best as I can figure, there are two advantages in using a commercially available ORS product. (ORS = Oral Rehydration Salts)

1. The World Health Organization (WHO) formula (developed in tandem with UNICEF, primarily for the treatment of persons - especially children under the age of five - afflicted with cholera) has a proven track record as a less invasive alternative to intravenous (IV) fluid replacement. 

2. Convenience - which, as you plainly recognize, comes at a price.

My ORS product of choice is the "Liquid IV" product in the lemon lime flavor. At $1.35 per "shot" (when purchased in the bulk 64 count size) it's pricey, so I use it only when the wide variety of more affordable alternatives are either not readily available or altogether not practical to consume at the time. 

Alternatives to an ORS product include a cup of warm soup broth, salted diluted fruit juice, 16 ounces of water following munching on a handful of Cheetos and half a banana. And etc.


Addendum: Those just starting out on their life journey with POTS should know that ORS products are in no way cure-alls. With POTS, unfortunately, there are no cure-alls. You just deal with things, symptoms and how your own unique version of POTS affects you via what can sometimes feel like an endless and ever-changing series of life style choices and self well care routines (and adaptations) that may not always work for you.


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