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What do you make of these BP readings?

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So this morning, I woke up and took 60MG of mestinon. I immediately got up and did the dishes and took out the trash. It took probably an hour. So I was on my feet for an hour. 


I took my blood pressure when I was done. It was 125/96 134BPM

I layed down for about 10 minutes and took my blood pressure again. This time it was 137/85 77BPM

I waited about 10 more minutes and took it again while still laying down. My BP was 151/82 69BPM

I see my specialist on Monday and see what she says. I'm scared to take my blood pressure meds because of these Flucations and fainting episodes. Anyone else experience similar readings in similar situations? 


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I used to get readings of up to 160/110 when standing up with HR 120. I also frequently would pass out or have seizures when my BP and HR went up like that. Beta blockers ( particularly Carvelidol ) and a calcium channel blocker ( in my case Diltiazem ) helped a lot, The Carvelidol seems to control the HR and the Diltiazem controls my BP by dilating the blood vessels. I have hyperadrenergic POTS which causes the blood vessels to constrict. Most POTS is caused by the opposite - excessive vasodilation and this case needs different medications. I have a type of POTS that causes both high AND low BP but the many meds I take seem to control things pretty well. Since I started weekly IV fluids oddly ( but thankfully ) my BP and HR have been stable. 

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