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Gitelman (hypomagnesemia)

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So my body gets a kick out off not hanging on to magnesium. Already this year I've been given iv mag 3 or 4 times in the ER. A nephrologist "loosely" diagnosed me with gitelman. I say loosely because she didn't do the genetic testing to confirm and has yet to do labs to help confirm. She did order labs, but doesn't want me to do them for another week or two. So anyway, I've been on loads of oral mag which isn't very helpful and I'm having extremely painful muscle spasms. Right not it's my arm and when I showed the ER doc she said it looks like Ive been lifting weights with one arm. Lol I guess I'm wondering if anybody has anything similar or any knowledge or anything in this regard. I have a few other wonky labs that lead me to think I have a malabsorbtion issue. I'm currently waiting to see a new PCP as my last just wanted to drown me with antidepressants. Sorry to ramble! 

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10 minutes ago, andybonse said:

I don’t suppose your on a PPI like omeprazole?

I am. 2x a day. 

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9 hours ago, potsiebarbie said:

I make it all up for fun. Lol Or I love paying for parking at the doctor's office. Haha

Or running out of sick time at work.

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On 2/19/2019 at 4:24 AM, potsiebarbie said:

I used to be for years! More recently I took them occasionally up until about a month ago. Maybe my body needs time still? IDK. When I read about the association between the two I knew I couldn't take the ppi anymore. 

From the research articles I've read the levels should rise rapidly in days and return to good levels within a few weeks. I personally started taking Mag Citrate even though my levels are good now, but to ensure they stay good, for my PVCS and my muscle twitches. To be honest, I dropped to Omeprazole 10mg and my magnesium is great now but my diet was lacking magnesium I was getting like 100mg some days, 50mg some days, never enough but now I eat 400mg also plus the supplement so I can't prove if it were the omeprazole 20mg unless I go back to that dose, but I don't currently need to.

Have you had a Red Cell Magnesium test? These are very good at showing overall body magnesium levels in the cells, better than the serum mag.

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