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Gastrocrom and Cromolyn for hyper POTS - pros, cons and effectiveness

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My son who has hyper POTS (and likely MCAS) started Gastrocrom today.  We have a million questions - if anyone has tried either/both please chime in :)

1.  which did you take and how long did it take to know it was working?

2. did you have any bad side effects - what were they - how soon do they show up?

3. did either/both help - and if so, what symptoms did they relieve?

4. did you try quercetin as well - did you get a different response than with Gastrocrom and cromolyn?

And one piece of information:  our MCAS dr believes that for many who cant tolerate the generic of Gastrocrom, they can do well on the brand name (which is sadly very pricey) - in general, he is not picky about the generic vs brand name - but in this case, he seems to think it matters

Thanks all!

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