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Rude awakening

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This morning I woke up in full POTS mode - tachycardia, chest pain, dizziness, close to passing out, palpitations … and then I realized that I forgot my meds last night. This was a good reminder to me how good I am actually doing when I take them and how bad it used to be to have POTS. So - next time I complain I will remind myself of today and count my blessings. I love my meds!!!!!

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I'm glad you know what your cause was and can get better!

i skipped my adderall yesterday because I don't want to take it every single day (approved by my MD, I can take it just as needed too), and I had a very rotten day. Since I only took it for 3 days before that, and the dose is so tiny, I don't think it was just that... we'll see how today goes with adderall back in the mix!

I never get rid of palpitations and that does drive me nuts.

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I hear you @Pistol I am weaning off my meds and it’s been h***.  Had to stop betas before stopping clonidine but the tachycardia has been relentless and terrible.  It’s always amazing how much you don’t realize that the drugs are helping until you stop them.  Be well.

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