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Peace in the Storm

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I just wanted everyone to know about a book I just read. It took my breath away. Alot of the chapters were like I was writing them. Anyways, it recommed it to EVERYONE! It does have alot of references to the bible. I just wanted to mention that so not to miss lead anyone.

Peace in the Storm by Maureen Pratt

Meditations on Chronic Pain and Illness

Just alittle note on the author.

By the time she was eighteen years old she had pneumonia thirteen times, bronchitis, asthma, colitis, measles, mumps, chicken pox.

Later dx with Graves' diease

Than her worst dx of severe case of Lupus

later dx with Sjogren's Syndrome, Hasimoto's thyroiditis, vasculitis, fibromyalgia.

She talks alot about living with invisible dieseases and having no cure just treating symptoms.

Some of the meditations that will follow me in my life were

Why Me?


When the "You" You knew seems to disappear

Finding Meaning in the life of Illness


Prayer for strength

How much pain can I take?

worry that your condition will get worse

Finding a way to dance

The Grass is greener....

Fear of passing your illness on to your child

Brain Fog

Having a Bad day

Are you waiting for a miracle?

Mourning the loss of health

Coping with fatigue

I could go on and on there's 110 different topics and 317 pages. Very easy to read. I read it in 1 day (amazing for me with 3 small kids) I just couldn't stop.

I hope this is not repetitive I searched for topics on books and didn't see this one listed.


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I like the idea of this book...I appreciate your mentioning the biblical references. Do you feel that it is a Christian perspective/New Testament or that it could be read by me, who is Jewish/Old Testament geared? Just wondering. Is it a more general God theme or more Christ focused? The meditations in terms of illness sound beyond perfect and I like the idea of combining them with faith.

Thanks, Emily

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Emily- I bought it from a Christian bookstore from a non denominational church.

Well this is alittle hard to explain because I'm new to this. I'll just explain the layout of the book as to not offend anyone etc.

Under the heading "Guilty For being Sick" there is a verse from the bible it says New Ameican bible next to it.

A clean heart create for me, God:

renew in me a steadfast spirit.

-Psalm 51:12

In this Chapter it talks about having a bad day and staying in bed feeling guilty while the others in your household need you. It talks about hoping your husband remembers to order stuff and take the kids to their events, etc.

It says Catholic guilt....Jewish guilt....Italian guilt....Irish guilt.....

It is completely normal to feel guilty about being ill, particularly if you can't carry some of the responsibilities you used to at home or work. Than it talks about how feeling guilty for too long can bring it's own problems too.

At the end of each meditation there is a prayer. I will quote this just so you can figure out if it's right for you. I'm not expressing religious beliefs so I hope I don't get a mad email from anyone.

O Lord, wash me clean with your blessed forgiveness and grace.

Help me to get past my feelings of guilt

so that I may move ahead, along your pathway,

and witness to the many ways in which you work through me,

because of....in spite of my illness.

Here are some versus that she references I hope it helps

-Isaiah 51:9

-Psalm 4:9

-Job 3:24-26

-Matthew 6:34

Luke 18:16

Sorry so long, I just wanted to explain it so you can see if it's right for you or not.


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I appreciate you clarifying. It looks like it has both new and old testament verses, but in general looks like it could have some things that i would find useful. i really appreciate you typing all that out....i know how much energy that takes. i hoep that you do not get any angry emails....if you do, really, it is my responsiblity b/c i ASKED you to explain. you are not pushing anything and simply sharing an answer to my inquiry about this book. i really appreciate it. the book looks like something others here might also like.

funny you should pick the 'feeling guilty' meditation, as guilt is a HUGE problem for me!!!! i struggle endlessly with guilt. even here on potsplace, i miss posts when i am not up to stuff and i feel guity for not being able to support everyone like they have supported me, guilty for now welcoming all of the newbies, etc. etc. it is crazy! but, on a broader scale, guilt is big for me too watchihg my poor mom have to do soooo much!

anyway, thanks for sharing...


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I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" and let you know that I ordered this book today off of amazon.com. It was reviewed also by a Rabbi...so I thought, hey, it might just be perfect for different religions. I am always looking for ways to understand my faith and illness better...

Thank you for sharing and bringing a new book into my life. All these little things make such a difference to me...finding a book, finding the perfect shower stool, a funny post on potsplace, etc...it matters so much.

So, thanks...

aaaaaaaahhhhhh....retail therapy...b/c I of course did not JUST order that book! <_<



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thank you for sharing this book.. by the sounds of.. its just what I am looking for.. I look forward to reading it..especailly the part about when the you you knew disappeared".. i am always saying that i am not the same as i was before i got sick with POts.. of course we are ever changing beings.. but its alittle different from that.. if that makes sense.. its like when you got ill.. you whole life changed and so did the prospectives and goals that you had set..

Geez.. louise.. i hope that i am making some sense tonight! :P LOL

thanks again

dizzygirl <_<

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