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Enhanced external counter pulsation therapy (EECP) anyone seen this?

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Enhanced external counter pulsation therapy (EECP) if you haven’t seen it google it, I believe it could help with pots symptoms. As I was trying see if it has been studyed on pots syndrome, only thing I came across was a small 6 person study for  orthostatic intolerance, two people had pots. all 6 people had good results from it. It helps the heart release a hormone that promotes. The growth of new blood vessels in the heart, it also pushes blood to the brain and other organs. Does anyone know if this has been study in larger groups of pots patients? I’m thinking about locating someone. who does it and seeing how much out of pocket. To try it on me, if they legally could. 

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@Hutch thank you for posting this!  EECP is new to me, grateful to know about it. 

From a brief cruise around a few journal articles and some Cleveland Clinic info, it makes sense that this device would have some benefit for POTS.  My take is that it augements the cardiac response by increasing small vessels. If the heart had been decompensated and shrunk, then stimulation of new vessels might do two things: help the heart to resume ‘normal’ size as well as help it to respond to ANS demands when upright.  This increase in heart function may then feedback negatively on the sympathetic overdrive that happens with lack of blood to brain/heart/lungs on standing. 

Looks like it’s quite a procedure - 1-2 hrs/day, 5 days a week for 7 weeks. I would hope that compression stockings and graded exercise are doing similar things for those of us without access to this equipment. Likely a slower and less efficient means to the same end. 

I wish you luck in your search to try this yourself.  I have doubts that you’ll find someone who can legally treat you if you don’t have refractory angina (as that seems to be the main use).  But maybe you could entice a researcher to do more with it for POTS patients and then be part of the study cohort. 

I’d like to know when you find out more information. Please post updates! 

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My Cardiologist has the table. We discussed trying it for my POTS today. He said there is a doctor in NY the uses EECP to treat POTS. He is going to try to contact him to see what kind of results he is getting. If my insurance covers it I am going to give it a try. Has anyone had EECP for POTS.

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