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The Moon affecting us

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Mom and I have been noticing and keeping track of as many triggers and such as we can. One that we've come up with is that guaranteed the last 3 Full Moons I've been worse, I mean horrible!! I think I was worse on ones before that too, but we have definit marks for the last 3 Full Moons. I'm a Moon child anyway. I love the Moon and always have. When I was little I was going to have 2 girls and name them Moon and Luna. ;) I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed getting worse, or better, or anything different with the Full Moon. Or any phases of the Moon for that matter. The Full Moon can do a lot of things, a commonly accepted on is bring on babies. I don't want anyone to think I'm trying to be mystical about this. I do believe a lot differently than most people about things like that/this. But I'm seriously wondering if anyone else has noticed anything like this.

I hope everyone is doing well and feels better soon.


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A trip to the beach as we watch the tides and we know the power of the force of the moon. My mother and I were talking about the full moon today also. As I lay awake last night, I thought to myself -- how can anyone sleep when there is a full moon? The beam of light coming through my curtain cast soft shadows on everything in the room. Our version of a white night, the full moon has subtle and not so subtle changes on our bodies.

On a very simple level, I think there are more sleep disturbances during the full moon. Everything is awake, birds are confused, dogs or in my case coyotes are howling. It seems all of mother nature is engaged in a midnight dance.

Christine Northrop's book on A Woman's Body, Woman's Wisdom talks about the moon. Did you know that most women ovulate at a full moon and then have our period at the new moon? It doesn't always happen this way -- but the author notes that on months when it does she feels much more in sync and in step with all around her. I have noticed this as well. No surpise my little icon is "moonset at sunrise".

Interesting question.

Sleep well.


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Earth Mother-

My father and I were just having this same conversation yeserday (before I read this post). I had mentioned that I hadn't been sleeping well for a few nights and he said "It's the full moon" and we proceeded to discuss the power of the moon and its relation to the tides. In fact you remind me so much of my parents in reading your posts I think you must've been brother and sisters in some past life, lol ;)

They are really into Quigong and Tai Chi, meditation and herbal remedies for everything- and passed much of his knowledge down to me as well. Just a few things I've noted in your posts. We should talk more sometime!!

Anyway I don't underestimate the moon's power and I think it has a lot to do with our bodily functions. Very interesting!!

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I have noticed for years that the full moon affects me. I have horrible insomnia anyway and it gets worse during the full moon. My sisters are the same. I can remember as a small child my dad was the same. He raised me by himself and we would go for walks and look at the stars since we were both awake.

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Regarding ovulation during the full moon and menstruation at the new moon, I have read that women in very rural areas where the moon phases aren't obscured by city lights, tend to experience this. There must be something to this moon connection.

I never realized how bright a full moon can be until I lived in rural Africa. Even the stars there lit up the night. It was constantly amazing to me.

I notice I feel more irritable or edgy during a full moon. It's subtle, but it is something I've noticed for years.

My 16 month old daughter notices the moon and looks for it all the time. It has been one of her first words.

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