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Dip in BP in early morning.

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Even after not even taking my full dose of Lisinopril yesterday and my BP still staying at 133/103 standing and 120/90 sitting, it dropped low at 3 AM. It went down to 100/77 and stayed there until I went to bed and stopped checking it. My HR was high, 85 BPM though. I tried to get another standing reading, but kept getting error code after error code. I could not get the BP to register even after moving the cuff around to different positions. This kind of freaked me out as what if my BP starts to drop really low  when I am on meds. Maybe I should not try and get it too low and give it a wider range in case it drops too much. I read that folks with true hypertension will never see numbers that low, even when on three different BP medications. Crazy stuff. I do notice that with the lower BP my severe anxiety got better. 

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It's normal for your BP to drop low at those hours - your body doesn't (or isn't supposed to) release epinephrine and norepinephrine in the middle of the night. It has to do with your circadian rhythm aka your sleep/wake cycle. A reading of 100/77 at 3am sounds perfectly normal to me. I have hyperPOTS, and while I generally have hypertension, I've also experience drops in BP as low as 80 systolic. Now if you are having other symptoms along with a wide range of BP readings, then I would suggest asking your doctor to take a look at your meds again as he/she may want to make some adjustments to better control the swings.

Best wishes!

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