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Autonomic Failure ?

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Starting last week in November ....

Never had a health issue and perfect health before last week in November. ....


Had tenderness in my bladder area. Doctor gave me Cipro for 10 days. Week later, ears ringing, light headed, tests, 7 trips to ER, 3 hospital stays. Diagnosed with POTS. 

January this year..... Was having no bowel movements. Sent to ER. Scan found a cyst on bladder. He siad its been there a while to see a Urologist ASAP and a GI for my no bowel movements. Went to see Urologjst last week. Said it dont look like a cyst, its a mass. Wanted me to see a Cardio doc to get the ok for surgery. Didnt say if its for biopsy or what. Got the ok for surgery, go see Urologist on Feb. 15th to see what he says.

Now, still no bowel movements unless I take Milk Of Magnesia to go. Then its diarhia. 

Also, 2 weeks ago my kidneys were 0 for Protein. 0 to trace is good. Over 20 is bad. Last week my Protein was 10. From 0 to 10 in a week. 

Urinating .... not much for the amount Im drinking. Dark yellow rarely light yellow. 

Very worried and scared. All of this in 2 months. Since November. 

Dont know whats going on, and its all more doctors, more tests, no answers. Seeing the GI doctor today, but the scan showed no blockage, and I know POTS make slow bowel movements for some of us, so I dont know what the GI doctor will say or do. Colonoscopy wont tell me anything, and I cant drive much and have no way to get around to do all these tests. By the time I get 1 test done, they find 2 more problems. 

Strange thing is .... Last 3 days I been walking, moving, doing everything like I never had POTS. Been feeling real good, not getting light headed, nothing. 

But I have all the other issues now that I dont know what they can do about. 

Anyone else go through all of this ? 

I think I have more than POTS. Maybe the bladder issue is causing a bowel issue ? Dont know and I think by the time they find out it will be to late 

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So sorry you are having a difficult time.  I hope you can talk to your doctor soon and go over all of these concerns--do you have a general practitioner who could do this?  Anxiety about symptoms can be as hard as the symptoms themselves sometimes.

As far as protein in urine, I believe it is normal in a random sample of urine for there to be trace amounts.  And that amount could vary from sample to sample.


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I have a GP I just seen 2 weeks ago. Problem is new issues pop up after I see the doctors. Random sample yes. 10 is high. 20 I think is warning sign of Kidney problems. Maybe the bladder issue is causing all of this.... I can only hope. 

Jt is kind of strange how 1 sample in the hospital was "trace" and a week later I was sent to get a scan for my bowels to check for blockage it was 10. 4 weeks ago I had the 24 hour urine test, it must have been ok since they never said anything. 1 week to go from 0 to 10 ? Confusing. 

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Went to the GI forvmy no bowel movements. 

He found blood in my stool so now I need a Colonoscopy on Feb. 11th to see what that is. 

I been telling them for 2 months I have tenderness in my lower left groin area. They tell me nothing is there. Its bone and no hernia. It has to be my Diverticulitus. 4 years ago I had the same issue. No movement, tenderness in that area, and after 4 weeks they found out I had an infection in my Sigmoid Colon causing a stoppage. It was really Inflammed. Never had a fever then, WBC was good, but I had an Infection.

I hope thats all this is. 

I have to go Thursday to find out about my bladder situation sice I got the ok for surgery from my Cardio doctor. Dont know if its for a biopsy or what kind of surgery, have to ask and find out.

Then Colonoscopy on Monday the 11th.

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My stomach was really missed up in the beginning when pots hit me, was going a week without a number 2 I took some medicine to clear me out, then went about a month drinking two ensue drinks and eating just a small piece of chicken plain and I mean small a day, I wasn’t even getting hungry anymore. But I started drinking decaf coffee two cups in the morning, it started getting things moving, to the point I can eat better and take a number two once a day sometimes once every two days. I don’t eat any red meats now and don’t eat any breads, I use to be able to eat anything but now I get easily bloated so it’s just not worth it. It’s also important to move around. Read up on stomach meds before taking anything as they have some nasty scary side effects that can happen. Also no alcohol not even one beer, it also makes things stop. I sure miss be able to have a few beers. But just not worth it. 

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I would say since you feel it is similar to the last time you had something going on, there is a chance. Hopefully the colonoscopy will give insight to what is going on. 

My hubby felt like he pulled a muscle in his back a few weeks ago. And since then he has had a dull aching pain in his right back muscle. From his hips to shoulder blade. This is exactly what happened last time he had a kidney stone (had to have it surgically removed). He admitted to me yesterday it is possible it could be the kidney stone again. But he isn't sure. The only reason they found it last time because of trace blood in his urine. Nothing else (besides the back pain) was normal kidney stone issues. They could see it in a CT but not xray. It was kinda wild. 

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