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Dizzy all the time and florinef

Aida A

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Hi All, 

I hope you all are doing well!

I  was recently diagnosed with moderate POTS :( I feel dizzy all the time, very mild but feels like my head is light, not sure if this is related to POTS or my migraine! I feel dizzy despite my blood pressure and heart rate being within good ranges. Do any of you have similar issue and how do you combat it?

Also, did I was started on florinef and very hesitant to start it given side effects and the fact that I don't want to be on medications for the rest of my life! Did it actually made a difference to any of you with symptoms?

I'll appreciate your input! I'm new to this world and any advice would be helpful!




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I've tried florinef - which helps many people a lot- as well as lots of other meds. For me, the fluid retention seemed to staying outside my vasculature in the forum of edema and not increased BP.

Other than IV saline, nothing has made a dramatic difference in my dizziness and faint feelings. Midodrine and mestinon help but not a huge amount. I'm complicated and have a lot of issues, though!

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Without florinef I'm so bad, it's been a big change in the quality of life for me. It's one of them try it and see approaches with POTS unfortunately!

For me  I think the side effects are mainly not going to happen as its a Mineralcorticoid rather than Glucocorticoid, there are some side effects you can still get, but I don't get any.

Just make sure your potassium is monitored weekly while you titrate your doses.

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