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Test today for Constipation


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Long story. 

Went today and forced myself to drive 14 miles each way to the ER for an xray and scan for my Constipation. No bowel movember for 7 days. Doctor had it set up and glad I went to ER instead of making appointments. I drove, felt horrible, got half way there and started worrying. Pulse stayed at 85 to 90, half way there it started staying at 105 to 110. I was ready to turn around and come home. I kept going, made it, walked in the ER, grabbed a wheelchair and was out of breath and shaking. I rolled in and told them what I needed, and they said doctor ordered the test they know what to do... I was glad.

Had an xray and scan with contrast. They gave me the hospital stuff to cause me to go. Nothing worked at home. Horrible, cleaned me out pretty good. Yellow diarhia. Horrible. Drank a lot of water to. Felt better.

Doctor comes in...  Says I have a 4cm cist on my bladder and its probably been there a while see a urologist. And see a GI doctor for my intestine issue. No blockage. Not a diverticulitus flare up. My PCP gave me Antibiotic yesterday in case it was diverticulitus but Im going to keep taking it anyway just to be sure. I asked him if it could be Hastroperisis, he just said to see the GI doctor.

All the 16  mile ride home I was scared, nervous, worried about my Pulze, felt like my heart was pounding and racing, ran in the house, stood up, checked my Pulse and could not believe it was only 90. Crazy, sometimes I get up, it shoots to 150. I ran around like a nut, and it was 90. I felt pretty good

Ssd part ..... It all started back in November when I went to the doctor for my yearly check up, told him It was tender in my lower left side, he have me Cipro, No test, nothing. Gave me Cipro. Then all the symptoms of Pots started popping up. This ER doc told me Cipro is bad, can cause esrs to ring, and mess people up. I told him it started with my ears ringing, then lighy headed, then them "attacks". Now I have POTS. I still believe it was that Cipro. 

So when this started, it started as tenderness in my lower left side, took Cipro, hospital 6 times since, found out I have POTS after all the headaches, head pressure, and all the symptoms, and I still have the tenderness in my lower left side that started all this in November.

Was never a bladder infection, it was a cist all along. 




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I am not so sure that antibiotics affect your BP but any infection can. So - if you have an infection and you take antibiotics your BP may be affected due to the infection. 

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Has me worried. Came home, can hear my intestine making noise, not sure if Im empty now or hungry. Affraid to eat. Ate very little today. Have to call for a Urologist and GI doctor tomorrow. I know Im going to get agrivated tomorrow trying to get an appointment "ASAP" like the ER doctor said to do. And I would be a new patient caue I never needed a Urologist. My GI doctor I cant get in until Feb. 12. Will be another day getting frustrated on the phone tomorrow trying to see doctors.

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