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Hello everybody


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Hi, my name is Shane and I am 25 years old from Ohio. I have POTS just like a lot of you here do and discovered this wonderful forum and community a few months ago while searching for knowledge and possible answers.

I have been reading through the many pages for quite awhile and have learned a lot. I decided that now I wanted to sign up and share my story so far through this tough journey. Back in October of last year I began having what I was initially told was a panic attack and anxiety. I was having lightheadedness and fast heartbeats all of a sudden.

After doing numerous tests it was determined my heart was fine and I went to see a new cardiologist after my tilt table test to get answers that my cardiologist at the time didn’t provide. He did a poor mans tilt test and diagnosed me right there with POTS. He started me on Midodrine which wasn’t effective and later Mestinon which didn’t help, either. After still having issues and no relief my mother got me in to be seen at the Cleveland Clinic in late December.

While there I was prescribed Metoprolol 25MG and cardiac rehab which I’m currently doing at my local facility back home. Unfortunately I’m still dealing with tachycardia and a narrow pulse pressure due to an increase of my diastolic BP. I’m currently scheduled to see the Nurse Practitioner at the Clinic again next week to further look into treatment and possible tests.

I’m hopeful that I will finally find some relief as I still deal with heavy pots symptoms along with other scary issues like pain over my left side of neck where the Carotid artery is. I hope that with time and exercise and the right medicine I will be able to sit up longer and even walk around without much trouble. I’m still not sure what triggered my POTS. Anyways, this is a little about me and I hope it wasn’t too long and that everybody here is doing well! 


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