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A typical dinner

Guest ScottS

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When I'm feeling especially POTSIE - which, for the longest while now, has been off and on every day - this (the attached) is my fall back dinner meal. In case you can't make things out, it's a couple of good sized bowls full of cooked veggies: asparagus, Brussel's sprouts, green beans, pickled beets (that I grew last summer in my garden) and spinach. For me, asparagus is a mainstay (due to POTS regularly screwing with/slowing down my gut motility). Sometimes I wonder if "this is me from here on". And then there are those times when I get a hankering, a craving for... I don't know. A steaming hot bowl of... normalcy. (That and a candied apple. Or a hot fudge sundae.) 

"Oh, she danced in the street with the guns all around her
All torn like a rag doll, barefoot in the rain
And she sang like a child, toora-day toora-daddy
Oh, how will I ever be simple again
She sat by the banks of the dirty gray river
And tried for a fish with a worm on a pin
There was nothing but fever and ghosts in the water
Oh, how will I ever be simple again
War was my love and my friend and companion
And what did I care for the pretty and plain
But her smile was so clear and my heart was so troubled
Oh, how will I ever be simple again
In her poor burned-out house I sat at her table
The smell of her hair was like cornfields in May
And I wanted to weep and my eyes ached from trying
Oh, how will I ever be simple again
So graceful she moved through the dust and the ruin
And happy she was in her dances and games
Oh, teach me to see with your innocent eyes, love
Oh, how will I ever be simple again
Oh, how will I ever be simple again"
Songwriter: Richard Thompson


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I enjoyed this - thank you! When I get a glimpse of normalcy - and do not even remember my limitations for a moment - it is a gift. I remember 2 summers ago I played 2 minutes of badminton with my daughter. She loved it, we laughed so much and - however brief - we both felt happy and are still cherishing that memory. 

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Doesn't that look yum! I love cooking for health and for the fun of it. I do it as a form of therapy--having to measure and lay out everything, then put it together and cook it. Fun and healthy and the family doesn't object. I love your beets--they look pretty with the greens in the same bowl. Yum! And I like your plates.

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