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Sorry if this is the wrong section. My wife received a fully favorable decision in the mail today for her health problems. It doesn't say how much she will get. It went to the hearing level. I'm assuming our next step is to visit the social security office and give them our banking information? If that's the case, how long until a payment is issued? It's my understanding she will probably receive backpay later. I'm just anxious to know because now that I'm sick and my short term disability is still pending an extension, we are in bad shape financially. Thanks for any knowledge given!

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Hi @Derek1987 - when I got my - also fully favorable - SSDI approval they sent me a letter that explained what to do. I do not exactly remember how but I gave them my bank info and the back pay lump sum as well as all monthly payments went directly into my account. Also - she will be on medicare now so she will need to find a supplemental plan ( or just pick part A/ B/ D ). I went to an insurance advisor who helped me with picking the right plan for me ( it varies ). It did not take all that long to get the money. Yes- if you are unsure what to do she should contact the SSI office responsible for your area. -- I am glad she got approved - this will give you a little break from your financial worries!! 

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