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I posted this in a previous thread of yours, but you may not have seen it. I recommend that you join Dysautonomia International’s Colorado support group then put up a post asking for doctor recommendations. To find the CO support group go to the Dysautonomia International website, click on patients, click on get connected, then scroll down to find a link to the Colorado group. You have to submit a request to join. 

When my son first began having problems we quickly learned how difficult it can be to find a doctor who understands Dysautonomia. You aren’t likely to find an automatic specialist, but if you reach out to the CO DI community they’ll offer suggestions of docs with the knowledge needed to diagnose and treat you. 


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@gossamer4448 - please know that you may have to go out-of-state to see a specialist. Also - if your insurance does not cover the doctors that are familiar with POTS in your state they have to recommend someone to you that is on their plan or they have to cover a visit to one of the ones in your state that your PCP refers you to. As long as you have a diagnosis of dysautonomia ( POTS included ) they have to allow you to see a specialist in that condition if your PCP asks for this. 

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