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Blood pressure questions

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Just a couple facts. Every time I stand my heart rate increases by 50 plus BPM usually around 130. Laying down it's in the 70s. Mestinon brings it down 10 to 15 BPM. 


This morning my blood pressure was pretty high upon awakening. 150s over 100. So I took my blood pressure meds. I don't take them everyday because my blood pressure is in good range usually as of late. Not all of the time though. So a couple hours later I take my blood pressure laying down and it's 101/66. So that alarms me a bit because I've fainted or near fainted a few times. So I got up and got some coffee to bring my pressure up a bit. I gulped it down and layed down immediately and my pressure went up to 140s over 70s. 


It seems like when I stand up not only does my heart rate increase, so does my blood pressure. From my little knowledge on POTS, it seems like I'm experiencing the exact opposite of POTS. But at the same time, I know for a fact my pressure has dropped too low from the first time I fainted. I remember in the ambulance the paramedic told me my pressure is coming back up.


I was just curious to what you guys think of this. 

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My BP is all over the place. When I am active my BP can go up to 150's over 100's. But other times it can be low - 90/50ish. Until you are properly medicated this can happen. I no longer worry about the numbers - only about how I feel, since there is no rhyme or reason to it. 

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I am unusual it seems. My blood pressure stays pretty steady. It may move a little but usually no more than 10 points either direction. I had a couple doctors tell me it was low at 110/70 but I was also taking a beta blocker only. I just ignore those doctors. Not my usual one anyway. When I am on both my meds or none my BP is 120/80. 

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