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How do you exercise with MCAS and POTS?

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Start slow. Don't do thirty reps, do three reps. And slowly, slowly work your way up to more. I do a lot of exercises on my bed and I have some balance platforms to help with core and balance. And I walk. All of this is at my own pace. When I don't feel I can do more I do not do more---this was hard to learn but it was part of winning. I won't be defeated admitting I must do less for today or a few days. When I am ready I step up the pace and reps as I can. I have had help with a physical therapy doctor who has created a program specific for what I need with consideration of my limitations. As my medical doctors adjust my care he adjusts to match them so I am never doing beyond my capacities.  Most important I've found is to be kind to yourself and be forgiving to yourself. Remember that you can do everything 110% right but things still go wrong. Go slow, go safely, and only do what feels right--listen to your head as well as your body. Pull back when you need and advance when you are ready. Feel better soon.


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I also saw a PT and he showed me exercises that I can do lying, sitting or standing. This way I can exercise every day but if I have a bad day I do the lying down ones and on a good day I do the upright/ sitting exercises. Also - elastic bands are very good for exercising. You can get them on amazon or Walmart. There are also books on how to exercise with them. And they come in different strengths. By using them you can exercise muscles AND joints without moving too much to set off your symptoms. 

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