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Does anyone else deal with tremors or muscle spasms? Does a little extra magnesium help?

I've had a couple bad ones lately and they kinda freak me out. I don't want to bug my doctors anymore than I have right now (I might bring it up to the POTS specialist when I see him in January).

They seemed to start with spasms in my thighs which progressed into my whole body and were lasting at least half an hour from start to end.

Is there any way to prevent them or stop them before they get to the whole-body-quivering stage?

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I get these- usually when I’m resting. You know those jerks you get when you start falling asleep? Like that, but worse. I noticed that they started getting really bad last year when my POTs started. (My POTs started after surgery April 2017......actually after 2 bouts of back-to back Lyme disease in 2014/2015; however the surgery in 4/2017 is what made things go in high gear. I was bedridden for about 6 months or so after that surgery.) 

I also find the twitches are really bad when I have a migraine. The thing is I have acephalgic (silent) migraines where I have every symptom of a migraine minus the headache. It’s the only way I can tell a migraine from a POTs attack, actually. (A migraine lasts longer, i have the tremors/twitches, and i cannot wake up. My whole body goes limp/muscle weakness in both; however the migraine somnolence  lasts much longer.)

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