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Migraine Specialist


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Ernie, hi i dont have any suggestion for you, but wanted to offer my support.. I hope that they can help you.. I personally suffer from migraines.. but the neurologist that i saw will not give me anything for migraines.. she said i am on too much medication allready.. and that there is no need for meds..

needless to say i will not be going to back to her.. yeah spending 4 days in the hospital :angry: with the worst migraine of my life! then 2 days later was back at the hospital for another migraine.. crazy quack!

allright good luck ernie, and let us know how you do with migraine doc..


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Good luck, Ernie. I never had any tests other than simple neurological ones to check basic functioning. However, I did have a CAT scan when I was in the emergency room with an awesome headache just to be sure.

Dizzygirl...I take neurontin and zoloft to help prevent migraines--both drugs are also used to help treat POTS--particularly relevant since some say that migraines are one of the components of the POTS syndrome!

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Hi Steph,

It seems you are my mentor lately!

I will do as you say: write down when I have my migraines and the triggers. I will also ask Dr Grubb if he has any testing to suggest to the Canadian specialist.

I am glad I have a busy doctor month because I have been going around in circles for the last 4 years (except for seeing Dr Grubb and Goldstein). Finally I am getting some kind of help here.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

Thanks for coaching me.


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ernie -

i don't have much to add as steph gave you a good bit of info & prep. the journal - to whatever degree you manage it - is definitely a good idea. personally i have migraines but very rarely. they started for me with my 2002 flare-up but aren't my most prevalent symptom (although when i'm having one it is definitely prevalent!!!). i have never seen a separate doc for them but dr. grubb was my primary resource/doc when they started & he's good at knowing which migraine meds are least likely to throw off other autonomic issues...obviously never a guarantee but definitely worth bringing up if you do make the trip to see him. since migraines are a very occassional thing for me i only take a med when i can feel one coming on, not all the time; some take something always though as a preventative. i've used maxalt & relpax, both which "kick in" quite quickly when one takes them; they tend to knock me out a bit but do quell the migraine to a degree so i am then generally able to ride it out or sleep it off.

i hope your appointment(s) go(es) well!

steph -

i know what you mean about "enough already" with the rare diagnosis. i'm starting to feel like i get another one with each doc i see. nice to be getting answers & investigation as opposed to being written off or ignored but the list is growing a bit long for my liking!


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Guest Mary from OH


Sorry so late to post.... family stuff!

Here is some help for you:


A decent headache diary


There are SOOO many meds available!! It will depend on what the dr decides is best for you. The good news is that a lot of the migraine meds also help POTS and vice versa.

Here is a link about general migraine meds:


The BEST neuro/migraine specialist is one who specializes in migraines and LISTENS to you!!! That is SO important!! Also, they need to treat you like an individual. There is no ONE right treatment for migraines. Everyone responds differently to meds and needs to tweak their dosages etc. just like with POTS. Your dr need to be willing to work with you. Some will not. If they won't, FIND a new one!!

Please feel free to email me personally with specific questions if you'd like. I'm not sure how often I'm going to be able to get on. But I'll check my personal msgs as often as possible.

Good luck and I hope your new neuro is a winner!!! And as a bonus, they may actually be familiar with POTS!!! My new one is and I LOVE him!!!

Take care and keep me posted!!

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