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If you have too much adrenaline read this

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So I went to my psychiatrist yesterday. I told him what was going on with me. One of the things my autonomic dysfunction specialist told me was my adrenaline was going non stop. I told my psychiatrist about this. He said one of his ex patients had this problem and suggested he get an ultrasound on his adrenal glands to see if there are any tumors on the glands causing the body to pump out too much adrenaline. The psychiatrist was right. His patient had surgery to remove the tumor and he was back to normal. He told me to go check this out asap. So I made a drs appointment already. 

He explained to me I could still have damage from the Rocky mountain virus but the adrenaline is something completely different. The damage would take away a function from my body, not help produce more adrenaline. I figured I would share this information so you could look into it and at least rule something else out .

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4 hours ago, StayAtHomeMom said:

Most POTS patients should have had it ruled out before their POTS diagnosis. They did the urine catacholmine test on me. It was normal :( I had really hoped that was what my problem was. 

Don't feel bad I have multiple issues and my short checks are having bill collectors call me all day now lol. Waiting on another short term disability extension approval. The Lord will see me through. Been a tough road!

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9 hours ago, Derek1987 said:

I thought I was onto something. Rookie mistake but hey maybe my post will help someone.

It may. When I was first sick I was talking to my mom about the research I was doing to find out what was wrong with me. I had looked at POTS and was talking to my mom about it and then all of a sudden I stopped mid-sentence. Something clicked. I dismissed it early in my research because I didn't faint. Then I did some more digging and found out only like 20% of people with POTS actually faint. It started me on my road to my diagnosis. 

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