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Palpitations, dizziness, Tachycardia heart racing when standing up

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I have not been diagnosed with Dysautonomia so far. Went to a Houston,TX doctor a few months ago, and those tests were normal. But I keep having issues like palpitations and rapid heart rate sometimes, when I sit down for extended periods, and then stand up.

Last night, I was on the couch watching TV. I started to get up, and immediately some major hard palpitations started and my heart rate shot up very fast. I have an AFIB condition that is controlled with medicine called Multaq. I thought maybe I was in AFIB so I took out my Kardia ECG device to record my heart rate. It was 145bpm+ . Then I started to get very anxious and shaky with trembling arms. and felt like I was going to pass out.  I waited a few minutes, and tried taking deep breaths. Eventually my heart rate went back down to normal 70-80bpm. 

My Electrophysiologist said the ECG showed I was in normal sinus rhythm and that I just had tachycardia. He has no explaination though, on why I get these episodes. I've had several of these now when I'm at home, and usually when I sit on my couch/recliner for an extended period. I've had a recent EKG and Echocardiogram which both were normal. I'm at a loss at what is causing these episodes. Sometimes I get just dizzy when standing up when getting out of my car.

I am contacting another Dysautonomia doctor to get tests ran again. 

My doctor thinks it is anxiety or panic attacks. I used to be on medicine for anxiety, but since I'm now on Multaq for AFIB, I'm unable to be on any SSRI medicine.

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