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Does florinef, since it contains fluorine, cause anyone to be FLOXED, like with the fluroquinolone antibiotics?

A package leaflet shows "tendon rupture" for florinef, and that is one main symptom of being FLOXED.

This drug seems to be so high risk; please respond with positives or negatives. Did it give you back energy?

Daughter is starting .1mg; I understand that it suppresses adrenal/aldosterone production? Cardiologist prescribed for low blood pressure/orthostatic hypotension but measurement of aldosterone was not taken.

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I tryed it, it did help with blood pressure. Also helped my tachycardia some. But didn’t help make me feel any better. I started getting bad headaches after 4 days on it, i stayed on it for two weeks the headaches were to much. i stoped taking it by slowly lowered my dosages over a week, the headaches went away after stopping think god. 

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