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Fast Heart Rate After Eating and During Sleep

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Hi all,

I have Lyme disease and I was in remission but a recent cold brought it back out! One of my worst symptoms is POTS....not horrible but it’s still no picinc. It stinks to have this back after finally being able to run again. 

I seem to have developed a new symptom that I never had before: my heart beats fast after eating and does not drop overnight. I have tried taking a beta blocker but it does nothing! I’m assuming it’s vagally induced?

Anyone else have these problems? I’ve had ANS testing and all was normal. Just can’t figure out while a beat blocker has zero effect! 



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Sorry you've had a flare, it seems this time of year is notoriously bad due to all the germs floating around. POTS flareups are common after catching a virus. Even those without dysautonomia tend to have higher heartrate during a viral illness. Is your blood pressure lower than usual? Can you get ahold of your doctor to discuss why your beta blocker might not be working? You might simply need a higher dosage but of course you'll have to discuss this with your physician first.

I had a bad flare during October after a stomach virus and my heartrate was also consistently higher than usual for over a month. Landed me in hospital for 3 days. The post-viral fatigue is still here, and it's kicking my butt. At one point in the hospital the nurse caught my heartrate at 193 and I wasn't even doing anything except standing up! Really exhausting and unsettling. My beta blocker only worsened my dizziness.

Hopefully it is just a temporary flare and will go away. Make sure you rest, take plenty of supplements and fluids, try to avoid sugar, carbs and heavy meals especially in the evening (carbs can really set off tachycardia) and don't eat after 5pm. If you become unusually lightheaded, tachycardic or symptomatic it's always good to get an EKG just in case. I can't stress enough how important sleep and rest are during these POTS flares. The more you try to push your body, the worse you will feel. Of course, you can always try recumbent exercises, stretches etc to keep the strength up in your legs and prevent blood from pooling. But if your body is telling you to slow down, listen to it. Hope you feel better soon.  

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