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Heavy Metal Toxicity and Pots?

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So i just went to my doc who is studying heavy metal toxicity and i got back some Basic hair tissue tests. It showed NO heavy metals which is apparently not normal. She said this indicates that i am a "non excreter"...That i just take heavy metals (such as from Tuna that i used to eat regularly) and hold onto them instead of excreting through sweat and hair etc.. . She believes this could be the root cause of POTS as well as my adrenal fatigue... And she is hopeful that the chelated supplement treatment could clear up POTS issue too...

So.. I am sharing this in case other people might find it a helpful avenue to go down and also to see if anyone has found a link between heavy metals and their POTS ?

The testing is rather expensive and so i have only done initial test so far... Still trying to figure out if i dedicate some of my POTs Specialist funds to the $600 metals test... 😵 

So many facets and opinions in this puzzle!! 


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My mother and sister also have POTS and they both have been confirmed with mercury in the body from old tooth fillings. They have been treated with the chelated supplement and had their fillings removed but still have POTS

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