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Tongue ache


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Anyone get an intense ache in their tongue or palate that came and went? It also feels like my jaw seems fatigued easily. I started having this in June when I was under a lot of stress moving and picked up a viral infection. It went away and now is back in Sept since I picked up a cold from the kids. It is not constant, sometimes more intense after eating, sometimes happens even if I haven’t eaten. Feels like a cramp along the sides of my tongue that follows it down my neck. But some days it is just awful. My PCP wondered if it was an allergy but it happens on/off antihistamines, no matter what I eat. (She’s useless anyway). To me it seems more of a nerve or mechanical issue? My body does not seem to respond normally to anything anymore, so could it just be a bizarre dysautonomia type reaction to a viral head cold? 

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My jaw muscles, face and neck muscles hurt. So do many other muscles all over. I have a bad history of jaw muscle problems. It is always there, but not as bad as when it started years ago.

There is a trigger point around the should blade that can refer to the neck and face. You can try treating it, but I have had little luck in relief. The trickster or something it is nicknamed.

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