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Chest Pains

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Hi all,

For the past 2 days ive had a pain on the front of my brest bone. When i press it lightly it hurts like its sour. Im constantly pressing my bone all day and it worries me. My HR it always fine, every time i check ( At least Once every 10 Mins ). Ive had this pain in the past befor. I sleep on a hard floor, on blankets, as im living at my parent at the moment, when i moove into positions, for example, if i lie down and lift myself upwards so my backs arched it really hurts. Ive got excess cartalidge on my chest thats been there since i was 6.

Anyone ever get this?

Theres no doctors open yet as it is a sunday.

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I always get chest pain when my POTS is bad. I've been told it's probably the EDS> Today it was so bad I couldn't swallow! Do you ever hear a click or pop sound with this pain? If so, you're not alone!

All I can do when it happens is take painkillers. No one has really bothered to investigate it, even though when I was in London the pain got so bad that I vomitted. I have NEVER puked with pain in my life, but I did then :unsure:

Try lying on a bed if you can, and with lots of cushions? Other than that, I don't really know what to suggest.

Did you get to the Doc in the end? It would be really interesting to know what they said....

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Not sure if this helps, but I have had something like you describe and it is costochondritis. It is inflammation of the cartilage that holds the breastbone and the rib bones together. It can be very painful to the touch and when I breathe. Try looking it up on the web and see if it sounds familiar...of course-check with the doc to be sure. Hope you feel better.


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Yes i have a click/pop sound/feel. Its on the bottom of my last left rib towards the center of my chest. It feels like my ribs split in half and i can moove it, ( it most prolly isnt, but feel like it ) . Theres no pain on the part that clicks/pops .

I slid down a tree trunk when i was younger, which has me to belive it may have something to do with that as i never went to hospital.

I woke up this morning and my brest bone feels very sore to touch, thats most likley because i was pressing and poking it all day yesterday.

Perspone, PM me your MSN :rolleyes:

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Usually chest pain that occurs with movement or by pressing on the chest is musculoskeletal, meaning it's not heart-related pain. Heart pain usually comes on suddenly, doesn't go away with a change in position, feels less like a muscle pain, etc.

I hate to say this for it is so obvious, but stop pressing on your chest! Pressing on it is only going to make it hurt.


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I get something like this too. In fact Early sunday morning was yucky with it. Everytime I breathed in it hurt and if I laied on my back, stomache or right side it stabbed me. Pain was right in the middle/front of my chest and radiated around. Kind of felt like a band was around my chest at times. Pain eventually went down my left arm and into my neck..head hurt too. Lasted for about 2 hours..and I was in a nasty mood by the end of it. I could not take a breath with out getting a pinching pain. if I laid curled up in a ball on my left side it just felt like a bruise in my chest. Any other position hurt and then would pinch or stab when I breathed in...

Then I got a few stabs in my back, like below the left wing...

The area that hurts in front can be aggrivated by pushing or by a bra strap pressing on it.

I have never noticed a click/pop sound though...

Do you always get swelling w/ costochronditis??

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