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Did anyone else have extreme fatigue and weakness as a side effect of fludrocortisone?

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I titrated super slowly starting from 0.025 mg up to 0.1 mg . From 0.05 onwards it made me way more tired, I kept with it through the h*** though hoping it was a side effect that would diminish. But both at 0.O75 and 0.1 I couldn't stand for more than a minute and when I wasn't standing I was laying down. I was only on 0.1 for 3 days, I had to admit no way is this ever going to improve me. I was on the medication all together about 6 weeks. Did anyone else experience this with fludrocortisone? I saw "extreme fatigue " listed as a side effect on drugs.com I believe, but most people seem to stop it for other reasons? I'm wondering if I combine it with another steroid maybe I'd be less tired. Like if I have a cortisol deficiency maybe fludrocortisone made me feel worse because of an imbalance or something? 

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Personally, fludrocortisone makes me feel like a million bucks. I was diagnosed with NCS/VVS via tilt, and before starting meds was having daily symptoms that I unknowingly self managed for about 20 years (like most people on here, I thought this was normal until I had a severe flare up).  I went from just buffered salt pills to 0.1mg fludrocortisone (including the salt pills) without titration and felt great. I had a few episodes while on that dose, so my doc recently upped me to 0.1mg in AM and 0.05mg at lunch, and I've been feeling even better. Since the whole point of any medication is to improve your symptoms, I feel like you should definitely let your doctor know what's going on. From what you described it doesn't sound like it's making you feel any better. Hope it all works out for you!

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