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Low IGF / Human Growth Hormone...Anyone?

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Hey everyone,

I had an extensive workup with endocrinology recently and received my results yesterday. I have Hashimoto's and we knew that my thyroid function would be off and a dosage adjustment would be required. However, what I was not expecting was that my IGF-1 was extremely low, about 1/3 of what it should be for my age. The endo called it a severe human growth hormone deficiency.  He also performed QSART testing and said I had some neuropathy in hands and feet, which he thinks may clear up once we get thyroid dialed back in. My hands/feet are eternally freezing right now. 

I have to go back in two weeks and do a stim test called an insulin tolerance test to confirm a true deficiency.  He asked if I ever had a severe head injury like a concussion. I have not. From my research, I know one of the other primary possibilities of adult-onset growth hormone deficiency can be a pituitary tumor.  He's the type of doc who takes things one step at a time and doesn't want to speculate about causes until we get the stim test done. 

He did say that this may be a contributing factor to the unrelenting fatigue I've had for a decade+. 

Anyone have experience with IGF-1 and/or pituitary issues/tumors, etc? 

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