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Wake up trembling


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Yes I frequently wake up early, full of adrenaline with my heart pounding. If I have my BP machine next to bed I check and HR/BP are usually normal by the time I check (but higher than would be expected for lying quietly in bed). 

Personally I have the best chance of avoiding this when my alarm wakes me early the days I work, before it has had a chance to happen. It is days when I don't have to get up so early and wake up spontaneously that I usually experience it. Today was one of them!

Funnily enough I always had a tendency to wake up inexplicably anxious with a pounding heart every once in a while long before I had POTS. At that time however getting up and starting my day was enough to see it off - without having to chug a litre of electrolytes and get up in very slow stages!

B x

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