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Possible cause of brain fog - especially after eating

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Hi all, just came across this article about probiotics being related to brain fog: https://neurosciencenews.com/probiotics-brain-fog-bloating-9659/ 

Apparently you can have too much of a good thing and for some people probiotic bacteria in the small intestine can cause too much lactic acid which contributes to brain fog. 

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In dysautonomia brain fog after eating is usually caused by postprandial hypotension/ low blood pressure 

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This is a great article. SIBO is definitely something to rule out with a doctor/tests if one has the symptoms of GI trouble and/or brain fog. Certain probiotic strains can worsen SIBO symptoms.

As someone who has struggled with tolerating probiotics for years, I have found very small amounts of D-lactate-free probiotics (made by Custom Probiotics) to be the best option for me. They don't cause the digestive or brain fog symptoms I get after eating yogurt or supplements like L. Acidophilus. 

One other option is to not feed the bacteria in your gut the sugars that they break down. At my sickest, I had a lot of luck with changing my diet (under a doctor's guidance) to eliminate grains/sugars temporarily. Felt like a brand new person!

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