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Requesting EKG Results from Doctor

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Hi there,

Is it possible for a doctor to send you EKG results through email? Would he do that or not. I had a EKG 2 years ago but got no results, i was just wondering if i could fone the surgery and see if they could email then through. Im from the UK and dont understand the laws, lol.


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In the US it certainly can be done--medical facilities here are required to keep your records for at least 7 years and share them with your physicians upon your request, in writing. Also, here they are allowed to charge you a small service fee to cover the cost of duplicating, postage, etc. It's usually around 5 $ usd, so that would be about 2.50 pounds sterling.

Not sure what your laws are--but here's an article from the BBC that explains the laws in UK regarding your access to your personal medical record.



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