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POTS Beauty/Fashion/Life tips thread

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Hi everyone!


I just wanted to start a thread for all of us ladies (and gents!)  who are going through whatever cocktail of chronic illness we have. 

I would like to share and collect tips and tricks for beauty and fashion and tips for how to keep us looking as great as we can and feeling as confident about ourselves as possible! Let’s be honest, it takes a physical and emotional toll and when you are feeling terrible, who has time to care about how you look? I personally have my own tips and tricks that I learned on how to achieve a glamorous look with minimal effort that I’d like to share with you. Please feel free to share any tips you know so we can start a thread for others to reference! Hope this helps someone. 


If this is in the wrong section, please forgive me. If you just let me know, I can post it in the appropriate area of the forum.



Please forgive my typing. I’m using one thumb with a combination of speak to text so there may be grammatical and punctuation errors.

Here we go! 


B.B. cream (contains many serums and sun protection and benefits in one)

Maybelline age rewind concealer. Has a sponge applicator so make its easy to apply

Toning spray mist, great for vasovagal episodes since it’s a cold mist but also hydrates your skin!

Spray SPF for the chest and body so you don’t have to use precious energy  to rub it in. Lol 



Revlon color-stay 16hr lip color. You can apply it once in the morning and will stay on for more than 16hrs as long as you’re not eating very oily food. Having a little lip color will help bring some color and life into your skin. 

Maybelline super stay 24 hr lip color. Same type of product and you can apply once in the morning and have it all day 

lip stains



Eyelash extensions. Whether professional or DIY, you will wake up glammed and go to bed glammed. The professional extensions Are a little pricey per set and require driving to an appointment at the salon or having someone do a house call 


OR you can DIY with the Ardelle kit sold at all major stores. (Amazon, cvs, Walmart, target,  etc) you just need lash tite glue (light or dark or what comes in the set)and you can pick up the lash trios (3 knots on a small strip) or the individual lashes. It takes less than 10 minutes to do yourself. When I’m feeling well, I just bring a stool, sit down and put them on. Fills take even less time! Lasts up to 2 weeks and will brighten your eyes and be one less thing you have to apply. 



Professional Microblading. If you’re able, professional microblading is a life saver! It looks so natural and I never have to do my brows. Completely waterproof and lasts for years!

Wunderbrow. For those who don’t know. It’s a wateproof eyebrow color/gel makeup. I have never tried it, but some people swear by it. 


Henna brow tinting. I have the DIY kit from amazon. I did this before I got my brows microbladed. The color lasts up to 2 weeks depending on your skin type 



For those who are able, 

Jergens natural glow lotion. Gives a nice glow wherever applied for those (like me) who don’t get out much or are very pale. I find it hides my livedo reticularis from POTS but unfortunately, I don’t do it as often as I’d like. 

Any good smelling lotion for days you may have not been able to shower. Lol 



Call me crazy but 

Wigs. There are plenty of nice wigs, I own synthetic and I have custom human hair wigs as well. They are a life saver. 

Personally what I do is I only buy wigs that match my own hair, so it looks natural when I blend it with my own hair in the front. It’s the same color and just thicker and longer than my own. I have all over blonde highlighted hair with a small root so usually I just (when I can) pop into the salon and get the bangs/front pieces I will have out highlighted so it’s fresh and matched. It’s a lot quicker and cheaper that way. For my human hair wigs, I have my stylist style/curl the hair for me, and give it a good spray. I don’t wear them all the time but if it’s done properly, you can get up to 20 wears with it without the style falling out and needing a wash as long as you take care of it. 

For those wondering how it stays on : my human hair wigs are lace front, although I don’t wear them that way. I have clips sewn in around the hairline of the wig, like the kind for regular clip in extensions. I have long hair but I Bobby pin my hair to my head (loosely, can’t have my arms up too long) but leave about 1-2cm if hair out around my hairline. Then I put the wig on just behind my own hair that’s left out, and it’s clipped by my ears and temples. Brush it so it blends and voila! It does not move or judge and when the wind blows it’s your own natural hairline so it’s undetectable!




I slick my hair back in a twisty thing and jaw clip. It’s a quick, pretty updo and looks a touch nicer than a saggy ponytail which I am ever so guilty of. Lol 



Unfortunately I have no tips for nails. Mine are a wreck all the time now Lol I can not paint my own and I can’t make it to the salon yet to get them done so any tips would be appreciated 



The easiest way to look put together or somewhat decent is adding a little jewelry. I am known for my earrings always have big and bold (and blingy) earrings that I throw on and it jazzes up any outfit. 


Baseball caps. It hides your hair on days you can’t do much with it. 

Fashion turbans or big sunhats. I have a fashion velvet turban and with my big vintage style sunglasses I have a whole Teggy French moment! 


Pretty headbands


Big sunglasses to hide everything 😂 


Flowy sheer summer tops. Keeps you cool for temperature regulation problems. 

And kaftan style dresses. Makes it Look like I’m trying to look good even tho it’s just my glam version of a MooMoo. Lol 


Cute sandals/flats. 

I can’t wear my heels much anymore so I wear pointy flats or kitten heels. It’s just high enough to wear with about anything and can help dress up an outfit yet not so bad that you’re dying from pain or falling from weakness. 



I recommend splurging on a nice pair of shoes. Something that is comfortable and makes you happy! It will provide you with comfort and also dress up your outfit and help you feel more presentable overall. 


Also, having a cute handbag/backpack to store all the medicine and BP monitor and snacks in helps.


Sick day clothes... I felt bad because I realized how far I let myself go around my husband and I wanted to try and feel a little more put together even when I’m not feeling so good. So, my solution is workout clothes. Lol it’s comfortable, cute, and looks somewhat more appropriate during the day than a stained T shirt and sweatpants. Lol it doesn’t have to be expensive! I actually found some clearance items from Walmart.com since I can’t make it to an actual store yet that are my absolute favorite! Plus, it might motivate you to start walking a bit more or wanting to exercise! 


Well, this is all I can think of for now... please add any tips you have so we can build a POTS beauty/fashion/life help thread! 



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Have you tried rubbing almond oil in to your nails of course as long as you not allergic to nuts ! 

I have alopecia which affects my nails with ridges and easy breakage, rubbing oil into them daily have really improved them,being doing it for years 

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Best 'beauty' tip I got came from my cardiologist. Scrub your face and neck with epsom salts. You get an energy boost from the magnesium and the salts are an awesome exfoliate--you are smooooth afterwards.


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My beauty tip is : laugh when you are happy, cry when you are sad, frown when you are angry and listen to others when you have nothing to say - that way you use all of your facial muscles evenly without getting any frown/laugh/worry lines. You will just have a gorgeous face that lives. 

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On 8/9/2018 at 9:41 PM, WinterSown said:

Best 'beauty' tip I got came from my cardiologist. Scrub your face and neck with epsom salts. You get an energy boost from the magnesium and the salts are an awesome exfoliate--you are smooooth afterwards.


I searched if epsom and table salt are the same. Apparently, they're not. I want to try this. Thank you.

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@Ashc - epsom salt includes other minerals, especially magnesium. That is why it is used for muscle aches and compresses etc. 

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I did start a thread on this sort of recently. It's under the chit-chat forum and titled: "Bathing is very difficult for most of us. What are some quick hygiene tricks to stay clean and looking decent?" 

I chopped my hair off to make it easier to maintain and dry shampoo is a must but some people make it and I bought all natural to avoid chemicals. 

I used to very much be into fashion most of my life before ending up bedbound. The key is to be comfortable. So I ended up thrift shopping and buying a lot of beautiful flowy dresses which is better for IC as well and wearing colorful tights underneath. I love vintage clothes which don't tend to be tight fitting and a good pair of jeans always works. Dresses though will always look dressy and beautiful and they're comfortable. I don't wear any jewelry, that is a hassle for me. I don't wear make-up but lip gloss and sunglasses are something I love. My lips are always chapped and a nice shiny lip gloss is simple and comforting. 

The only thing I can use for acne is the aloe vera acne lotion, take a tiny amount and covers the face, no chemicals, doesn't cause allergic reaction. There are many good bees wax and aloe vera products. 

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On 3/31/2021 at 6:27 PM, Pistol said:

@Ashc - epsom salt includes other minerals, especially magnesium. That is why it is used for muscle aches and compresses etc. 

Yeah, good to know this.  Gotta have epsom salt. I also read about the other benefits. It helps with constipation and promotes better sleep.

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@Ashc - I use it also to apply a warm wet compress to sore joints, or after an injury like a sprain. I have a bum knee that swells and hurts at times. I apply a compress and then rub it with Arnica oil. It really helps! 

Also - another short cut I use when I am too ill and cannot tolerate a shower or bath: I wash only my hair under the tub faucet and do a "bucket bath" in the shower. This way I clean up without having to stand or being submerged in water. And it is quick! 

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