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Back from France


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Hi guys,

I'm back from France and boy: did I have a great time!!!!!!!!!!! The weather was soooo great (as long as you're a cold POTSy like I am :P ) we had sunshine everyday and nice high temperatures. And guess what: I was outside EVERY DAY!!!!!!! And guess what II: I WAS IN THE SWIMMING POOL. And best off all: I WAS IN THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA!!!!!! I couldn't actually swim but I was in it.

To be honest: the travelling was bad, but I don't care about it. It was sooo great to be out with my family and our friends. That's something I could advise you: last year (my first year in my wheelchair) our vacation wasn't a great success because we all had to get used to me in my wheelchair, which made our vacation so different! This year our friends wanted to join us to the south of France and it was a great success. They have a little girl of 5, which means they have to stay at home in the evening and (early) night. So my female friend and I stayed at home, so the little one could go to sleep as could I. The boys (our male friend, my husband and our two sons) played carts or went out. The good thing is that I didn't feel guilty for wanting to go to bed early and the boys could enjoy themselves.

We didn't actually do much, but the highlight in our vacation for me was our visit to the Dali museum in Spain. It was a drive of about an hour, and soooo worth it. Blackwolf, if you read this, I would like to get you out of your depression by emailing you some of the pictures I made. If I remember correctly you are a Dali fan?

The boys also made a trip to Barcelona (which was too exhausting for me) and had a lot of fun. My friend, her daughter and I went to a French market in the morning and out for dinner in the evening, so we had a nice day as well.

I truly wish I could have taken all of you in my suitcase. We would have had so much fun. We could have laid under the palmtrees and talk.

And now of course I'm wondering how everybody is doing. I hope you all are okay. Did you receive my cyber card????

I will be resting for some time (as if I didn't rest enough :P ) so I have plenty off time to be around here!!!!

Love to all of you (Emily, I think I can handle some new idioms!),

Corina :)

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corina -

your post made me so happy....it's so wonderful to hear of people's wonderful adventures, even though i am a bit jealous. it's grand that things worked out so well with your friends being there with you and everything else. and it makes sense to me that the second year with the wheelchair would be easier in a way. welcome back...we've missed you!


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