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I feel like I cant win!

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my my my, I am so fed up with having pots.. it just one of those days!!!!!!!

I feel like I cant get a handle on this illness, my symptoms are really rough today.. i wasnt able to get out of bed till after 1pm, and i slept all that time.. I couldnt keep my eyes open!

I am just so frustrated...

My cardio doc increased my propranolol to 90mg 3 times a day, because my heart was still beating too fast, on the 60mg 3x's a day. so he upped it, I began the higher does, and my heart starts beating TOO slow, averaging about 45bpm, last night I felt so horrid, I tried taking my pulse, and I swear I couldnt find it..i could feel a very very faint pulse in my wrist.. and it was slower then 45 I think..

so got ahold of the doc today and he lowered my dose back down to 60mg.3x's aday.

I just feel like I cant win, in regards to heart rate issues, either its too fast or too slow, never just even keal.. so what do you do?

I have been on SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many BB's over the past 3yrs, and i have not had alot of luck with them working...

So what do you do???

I am having such bad side effects with the Mestinon, at a hgiher dose, I'm ot sure that I can handle it much longer...I really am trying here with meds... but I am wondering if there isnt maybe another way..

if anyone has any suggestion I would love to hear them... maybe so different ideas for treatment...

ok I'll stop rambling now.. I just feel so defeated by pots today...


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thats not a bad idea...

do they make a 10mg dose of propranol?

I will have to look into that..

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Hi Dizzy,

I have a 50mg of tenormin but I break it apart and take what I need. Lately it has been 12.5 2x a day, sometimes I throw another one in there but this way I try to find the most effective dose. I tried 50 mg and boy was I dragging myself around.

Hopefully this might be an option for you.

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