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Can't stop Burping

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There are times, more and more frequently, when I just can't stop burping. It goes on and on and on. One time it lasted over an hour. And it's not regular burping, it's like it's a reflex that my stomach is having and can't stop. I've also noticed lately that sometimes after meals, I mean right after, I have to (if I could still run) run to the bathroom! It's horrible and then I have to keep going back for about an hour to an hour and a 1/2. I've only been sick for a year on March 14, and I'm 21. So I'm wondering if this is a GI problem realted to my NCS and POTS that has just taken a little longer to develop noticably. I've never had any problems like this before in my whole life. I've never liked milk, always made my sotmach feel fuuny, but now it's worse. And the last month I can't stand to drink orange juice. I feel like I'm gonna throw up when I try. I also can't take caffine anymore, I used to drink coffee all the time, but now, any caffine makes the NCS and POTS worse.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone know what this is or why? Thanks just for reading, I know this is gross stuff to talk about, but I've seen other people post about similar things, so I was hoping people wouldn't think me in bad taste for psoting about this.

Thanks just for reading this,


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I have GI problems, including motility issues and reflux. Mine are likely related to POTS, but even if that's the case, you should still see a gastroenterologist. GI problems, POTS or otherwise, shouldn't go untreated.


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I hate to post here - but yes I have had this recently too. I do not have other GI problems, but my burping is driving my husband crazy! I don't know if it is POTS related. I can't help it - it comes out. I don't even drink pop or carbonated beverages.

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