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Have you ever felt like you were not allowed to get better?

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Just now, WinterSown said:


There are regional events in October. Hubs and I attended one in Niagara last fall, we met with others for a lovely dinner and watched the falls turn turquoise for Dysautonomia Awareness. I think they will be illuminated again this year, I have not heard otherwise. There are other events in Canada or right across the border in the states. We drove up from Long Island but other families had traveled as far. Worth the trip because  Niagara does not disappoint.



I went to niagara falls when i was a kid, barely remember it, but i remember being it beautiful! Its quite a drive from where i live, but i wouldn't mind doing a "one off"

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18 minutes ago, whoami said:

I went to niagara falls when i was a kid, barely remember it, but i remember being it beautiful! Its quite a drive from where i live, but i wouldn't mind doing a "one off"

We knew we had a vacation week coming up in the fall and we hadn't nailed down a city yet. I saw this event coming up and asked if he wanted to go and he said yes instantly. Hubs loves anything historical and military and I love staying in river cities. I booked the trip twenty minutes later including overnight stopovers in Corning for the museums. #doitright

I have blood pooling in my hips if I sit too long so I need to get up and do more than take a pee break on road trips. I have to get out and walk around for a while to get my circulation and brain oxygen back to comfort levels. We use a nifty map site that has pushpins to some of the more unusual stops along the roads. We visit a lot of these. The benefit of museums and parks that are off the beaten path is that they are just as fascinating but are quieter, smaller, and usually there is no wait for the bathroom.
Roadside America.

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Awwww. I miss Niagara Falls.  I've somehow ended up there every year for the past 3 years.  It's been almost a year since the last time I was there, which happened totally by accident.  

I needed to get to Rochester, but due to flight issues I ended up at BUF a few hours later than I wanted.  Got in the rental car, looked over at my GF and asked her if she wanted dinner now or in Rochester.  She was hungry.   We started flipping through restaurant ideas and I said, "Poutine?"  "YES!!!!"  So we drove over to Niagara Falls,  walked by the falls, swung by the Marriott to say hi to an employee we've befriended, stopped by a restaurant to get poutine, hit a grocery store to stock up on things we can't get in the US, then headed to our hotel in ROC.  Completely unexpected and unplanned but absolutely fun to go to a different country just to have dinner.  

If you get back there, Niagara on the Lake is well worth the drive.  Quaint little town, many vineyards and wineries around.  We like staying on the south end of hotel row at the falls.  We can't stand the tacky tourist trap of Clifton Hill.  BUT the newer casino and southern portion of the strip is beautiful and pleasant.  I'm not much of a gambler, but I really appreciated the casino being 100 percent non-smoking.

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