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Parasympathetic dysfunction

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Hello everyone!

I have been diagnosed with POTS a couple of years ago. A doctor put me on Ivabradine that initially helped but its effect decreased over time. I have a theory that my parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system is malfunctioning and causing my symptoms, which include:
* dilated pupils most of the time

* dry eyes

* heart does not slow down after exhalation during deep breathing (it speeds up actually)

* low-grade fevers (like 37.5C) every day

Every one of the above symptoms has one thing in common: parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for all four. It constricts the pupils, gives moisture to the eyes, slows down heart during exhalation and lowers body temperature. Do anyone have similar problems? Is my theory making sense and can be a possible explanation for my symptoms?

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I've been on a bit of a personal mission to learn more about the parasympathetic role and so this interests me.  My daughters do have very dilated pupils, in fact, optometrist didn't even have to dilate my youngest daughter's eyes because they were so big!  They also have dry eyes and my oldest is having a hard time with low grade fevers, as well.  The straw that broke the camels back, per se, was watching my oldest daughter trying to recover from surgery last summer ( a big one, 9 vertebrae spinal fusion w/ instrumentation) and she has developed this pain that comes primarily at rest and at night.  So when her sympathetic settles down, her parasympathetic does not take over fast enough or effectively enough to allow her to fall asleep without this horrendous pain surge.  The pain surge then leads to dystonia, her body just tremoring and arms and limbs flailing, head turning, thrusting her back and forth against her pillow.  It's horrible.  I looked up Autonomic Mediated Pain and there were several articles, CRPS popping up a lot.  I'm very interested to see what you find out about this and how to fix it.

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