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Trouble looking at screens (phone/ computers/ tv)?

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Hey guys, 

i have been recently diagnosed with pots and all of my symptoms are pretty typical to a potsy except for my inability to look at my phone (or any screen - tv, computer etc) for more than about 5 minutes at a time. I am currently bedridden and in need of entertainment so it sucks. If I do look at my phone I get a migraine/ disassociated/ dizzy and sometimes adrenal surges. Some days when I am having a good day I won’t  get these symptoms when focusing on a screen but find that that night it disrupts my sleep (I already don’t sleep well but it makes it so much worse) and then the following day I’ll have a terrible pots day. 

Does anyone else get this? Any theories on why? I haven’t been able to find information on this anywhere 


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I have this same issue, I sometimes am unable to look at electronics for more than a few minutes. Flashing ads and suddenly playing videos just wear me down too fast. I think it's related to sensory overload. I've added some pop-up and ad blockers and I do often sit with a timer here at my computer. I put it on for ten or fifteen minutes and walk away when it rings. I do some other stuff or go lay down. When it's very bad I need to take a muscle relaxant, I have a low-dose script for valium; I can get more work done online but I must lay  down later.


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My daughters have this problem severely.  They can't watch TV at all, use a computer, or go to a movie theater.  They can use their phones, as the screen is small enough.  My oldest, though, has trouble with her phone if she's in the middle of a surge of migraines.  The girls don't "watch" TV, they turn around with their backs to it and reflect the image of the TV on their phones.  The small pixels of a phone are less bothersome, but mostly they just listen.  Movement of scenes on a TV as well as movies at the theater, and just looking at a computer for too long makes their vertigo really bad. 

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