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I was recently diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis which surprised me because I drink milk and eat cheese and yogurt almost daily and am on supplements. They say long term use of steroids can cause it. I was on fludrocortisone for 3 years before switching to midrodrine, could that be a cause??? 

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My mother was told that she had osteopenia, despite the Boniva injections and supplements.  (She also drinks more milk than anyone else I know.)  After my dad died she had to start mowing the lawn, which meant she had to walk a lot (big yard).  After doing this for awhile (in addition to the other things), she was told that she no longer had osteopenia.  She credits the walking.

Since many of us are unable to do a lot of walking or other weight-bearing exercises, I'm wondering if we are more likely to have bone density problems.

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