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scared. newly diagnosed with pots, and being worked up for possible sjogrens/lupus

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hey all. i am scared. ill be straight up. im newly dx with pots and i have antibodies associated with both sjogrens and lupus.  does anyone else have a possible autimmune cause for their pots?  i saw a cardio who dx my pots and then said ill see you in a year...i was disappointed. also about the cause of this disease..  there has to be a reason for this syndrome? a causative agent? you body doesnt just go haywire for no reason does it? last thing...  do any of you feel dizzy even while laying down at times ? sometimes i get a falling sensation like i am falling through the floor. i hate it. I hope everyone is continuing to fight. im thinking and praying for all of you. God bless. heath 

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