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modafinil for hyper POTS

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Hi - I have been taking Ritalin for POTS related fatigue with good results. Lately - due to a triggered event - I had to start from scratch with reconditioning and the fatigue is much worse. My Doc recommended switching to Modafinil but it is not covered by my insurance. Has anybody experienced a big different between the two? Does anyone take Modafinil? --- I appreciate any Input - Thanks

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@Mikey - I take Carvelidol ( Beta-blocker ) as well as Diltiazem along with the Ritalin, plus several other meds. For me the Ritalin never affected my Tachycardia and did not make me dizzy or lightheaded. Some people do not tolerate beta's but for me they are necessary. Although I had problems with some other ones. 

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