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POTS flare aftermath


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I just got out of the hospital for a serious hyperPOTS flare with all the usual fixings. Now I'm home and dealing with the aftermath, especially the fatigue is bothering me. I know I need to get up and exercise, which I do to the best of my tolerance every day. Unfortunately that is not enough ( or - for someone as impatient as me - is not fast enough ). Does anyone have any tips?

I also would like to know what some of you take Klonopin for - does it help for fatigue? Can you take it as needed?  What side effects have yoy experienced from it? 

I thank you in advance for any replies

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I too have to take it really easy after a flare . I find resting for and hour then getting up for 15 min's and doing something works for me  ,I then increase  the time up from there  . I will also do gentle mobility exercises and stretching to help with the joint and mucscle pain and core to keep the skeletal pump going !

Hope you feeling better!

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I've been prescribed Klonopin for my anxiety, but also for sleep.

It helps bring my heart rate down as well.  I'm not sure if a benzodiazepine is the best medication to prescribe for long-term use (it's addictive), but that is for you and your physician to decide.

I have a prescription for .5 mg tablets, 1 in the morning and 2 at bedtime, but I rarely take that much.  I usually take half that.

It does help with fatigue, because I am able to relax enough to sleep pretty well at night.   It can make you tired when you take it during the day, or it can make you feel less tense and almost energized because your tension is decreased.  I wouldn't say I have any side effects from it, but I honestly don't know if I'm addicted to it or not.  What I take isn't a high dose, but I'll bet I would at least have some irritability if I tried to go without it. 

I do take the max amount prescribed during times of high anxiety, but that isn't very often.  Whether you take it as needed or on a set schedule depends on what your physician advises. 

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