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A big energy day.

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Eating a nutritious diet and exercising are starting to do more than show, they are starting to have genuine physically beneficial effects. It's been almost two months since I gave up vitamins and supplements for real food and it's working, I feel a lot better. I got up this morning, pulled up my pressure socks and they went up without a struggle. My leggings felt loose too. Just by eating better I dropped a few pounds without trying. Win.
I went out to walk the dog and all of a sudden, without even planning or thinking about it, I started running down the sidewalk with the dog at my side. I felt like I did 30 years ago when I used to run when I lived in the mountains. After a half-block I went back to walking, not because I was tired, but because I need to work into this a 1/4 block at a time. I have no idea why I suddenly burst into running, it felt so good, I felt so good, and I had the wisdom to quit before I needed to quit. For the rest of the day I've also had a lot of energy. Just juiced up the phone and headphones and am gonna take the dogs for their night walk. I'm not wiped out. Maybe tomorrow I will be but I've enjoyed having a good day today all day long.

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So pleased for you ! Hope you ok today .  Took me two years from the big crash to start being able to exercise again upright , still can't jump around or run maybe one day .....I am hopeful 

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