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So, my PCP retired this past October. His daughter had/has pots, and he had an interest in the pots, FM, CFS/ME illnesses even before that, so he was wonderful. He said I really don't know who to send you to, so I just had to call around seeing who would take a new patient. I ended up going to a doctor I had seen before this one, who was just okay, renewed my meds and accepted them as what I needed from a cardiologist I had seen as far as the pots, who is also now retired. Well, todays visit did not go well. He thinks my pain and migraines, which are associated with the conditions I have listed above, can be caused by food allergies, and wants me to just continue a gluten free diet. I really got the feeling he did not want to see a "patient with complex issues."

Anyway, I need a doctor who understands what it is like to have not only pots, but also cfs and FM, and migraine. He does not seem to be the one. I know many of you have also had trouble finding a doctor who understands us, so yes, I am asking for a lot:) So, I don't need a diagnosis, I have all that, and have been dealing with the illnesses for 10 years, but I still want someone who thinks these are real conditions, not just that I am tired and have a headache, or need to drink more water etc.

I live in the state of Virginia, near the West Virginia line, and about 2 hours from Washington D.C just to give you an idea. I cannot drive more than a few miles around town, so have to get someone to drive me if it is out of the area. I would almost rather go to West Virginia rather than to northern Virginia with all the traffic there.

Anyone near me that has a good doctor?  I know there is a doctor list on the dinet site, but thought there may be someone not on the the list. I have checked the CFS support site for doctors as well, but the only one listed near me is the one who retired.

Thank you!

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One possible thing you might try is use google to locate any electrophysiology cardiologists who practice medicine near you. 

Electrophysiology is a specialty type of cardioligst. They get extra training to learn how to recognize the nervous system’s impact on the circulatory system. They’ll tend to state on their clinic websites if they are certified in this, since they have to go to a lot of trouble to get this extra certification.

I only know this because the specialist who recognized my dysautonomia (after a neurologist and a regular cardiologist did not recognize it) is an electrophysiology cardiologist. He and the one other electrophysiology cardioligist at their heart clinic are the two who treat patients with autonomic nervous system malfunctions. 

I’m in another State (Arkansas) or I’d suggest my own doctor to you. 

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