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mood changes

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Hi everyone,

I a m curious.. I have been having a particularly bad time with my moods latley.

Meaning that one minute I am fine, and the next minute i feel consumder with rage and anger.. this is not normal for me, I am usually a real friendly easy going person.. not easily angered.

well over the past month or so, I keep getting these bouts of rage and anger, and i lash out at my boyfriend... after i come back down from whatever this is, I am usually really tired, and need to sleep.

I am talking to a counselor, becase when this happens I feel so out of control... I am wondering if any of you experience this?? Or am I just crazy??? :rolleyes: I dont like feeling that way, and i dont know what causes it, but it goes away just a quickly as it comes on.

Weird Huh??

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well....if you asked my parents after this past week they would definitely say YES YES and YES. they were here helping me with packing & other things around my place that i simply can't keep up with physically & was quite moody all week. i think though for me it was & is b/c of the fact that the whole moving process is highlighting for me so starkly my limitations & i'm struggling with that, getting frustrated that i need so much help, feeling rather useless, etc....and then it ends up that i take it out on whoever is unlucky enough to be around. and for me it's not so much rage/anger but rather frustration & being upset...like i get sort of snippy and short with people which i absolutely hate doing, especially as they're helping me. i'm hoping that for me a lot of it passes when my current stressors die down a bit, i.e when i have a new place to live, get moved, etc....

i also see a psychologist though every so often & have been since my health totally wacked out this winter...pretty much just to vent about things. often he actually ends up telling me how well i'm doing with things, which can be a good thing to hear when i feel like i'm going off the deep end...

hang in there...


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Dizzygirl I am new and for give me for any errors that I might make. I suffered from mood swings really bad when I was first diagnosed with ncs, however they put me on paxil wich really helped me too cope and deal with this. It is hard having complications that never go away or no one seems too be able to help.

Trying a few relaxation techniques like when you are getting angry stop and count to ten, or maybe just take a couple of slow deep breathes ( but only a couple you don't want to get dizzy, even though you are a dizzygirl ha! ha! ). This will often help things or maybe help others sometimes.

Hope you get to feeling a little happier!!!! Rita

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rita and sunfish...

thank you so much for the support!

I saw my counselor today, and it did help me feel alittle bit better. She said with the amount of stress in mylife that its not a wonder that I feel angered. and out of control sometimes.. but she said all in all i am handling things well..

so that was nice to get a vote of confidence..

again thank you so much!


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I have had problems with mood too. I am normally placid and very easy-going in temperament, but sometimes inwardly I feel really angry at some people who have treated me badly. Obviously to some extent this is normal, but for me knowing my usual self, it is unusual. I have found that I feel this way when my health is particularly bad, and I am really struggling to keep up with things. I think that it is partly due to general frustration, but feel that there is also a hormonal or physical element to it.



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