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After seven months of delays and errors, I have a TT test tomorrow. It's at 1:30 - around the time of day I'm at my best, despite my asking them more than once for a morning appointment so the symptoms definitely show. I suspect it will be a waste of time :( 

It's at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham (UK). I'm not to eat for four hours beforehand and I will be tilted for up to 40 minutes. I hope I'm symptomatic at the time, as in the mornings I know I definitely fulfill the criteria, but I don't hold out much hope at 1:30. I've been waiting so long, I'm desperate for a diagnosis and treatment.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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Take a nap prior! Often symptoms are worst in the morning because you've been lying down for a long period of time and your body forgets how to adjust to the upright position. As the day progresses and you are more active, your body adjusts. This can be simulated by relaxing and lying down for a couple hours prior to the test.

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Done the test! I'll get the result in the post - the people doing the test were only allowed to record the readings and pass them to the doctor.

My heart rate shot up straight away, went down again and then rose again, just as I'm used to when doing standing tests. In fact I even told them that we must be around 8 minutes into the test now and they said yes.

I'm surprised I didn't faint, though it felt like I was heading towards fainting right near the end.

I now feel exhausted and I still have a hint of pins and needles in my hands even though the test finished an hour and a half ago! I even got a kind of pins and needles in my nose afterwards when the blood was rushing back - that was an experience!

I'm so relieved they were able (as far as I'm aware) to observed it happening. Just got to wait for the letter now. Can't wait to know what my measurements were!

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