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Received an apology from MUO

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

Hi everyone---I hope today finds you all well.

Yesterday I received and e-mail from the president of The Medical University of Ohio.

In this E-mail was an attachment---letter sending his apologies for the inappropriate behavior of the neurologist I saw in January and March, and also for that rude & verbally abusive up phone call I received from him just a short while ago----(I think June 2nd).

He said he was deeply sorry that this Doctor offended me, and that he did not meet my expectations---and was apparently impatient with me.

He seemed sincere--and he said he ask the Medical Director of the hospital to follow up with the neurologist.

Of course, now that I have his attention, I will continue to try and find out why there is so much ignorance about daysuatonomia---especially at a University hospital----where they are supposed to "look outside the box."

I'm trying to learn how to summarize things better so I don't lose the reader from boredom-----and to keep their interest peaked.

Still trying.........

Julie :0)

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Julie, I'm so proud of you! What you did is take your complaint and do something about it...and that can have amazing outcomes sometimes. I'm always telling my future teachers (when I'm teaching at college) that it's not okay to just complain about problems in the classroom, or with the system, unless you're pairing that complaint with some action towards a remedy...even the littlest step toward betterment.

So very, very cool!


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Julie -

go you!! i'm so very impressed...with the fact that you got a response (and that it was genuine) but even more so with your going through the process of the complaint and all. there are times i definitely should have done this and haven't. you're setting a grand example for us all.



p.s. maybe i should save my MCO mug...might be worth something someday:-) not that they care about my thoughts on the matter, but the place will always be MCO in my book...

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How could any doctor at MCO being ignorant about POTS when Dr. Grubb is right there? That is absolutely absurd!!!! I'm happy that you received an apology but it sounds like this doctor needs to review a few articles written by his collegues.


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