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Charlotte NC area doctor recommendations….

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My sister lives in Charlotte.  Just gave birth and immediately suffered from high fever from a kidney infection putting her in the ER and admitted to hospital.  Now she is suffering from severe weakness, tachycardia, anxiety, depression etc.  Yes her doctors are focusing on postpartum anxiety disorder… but I told her if her weakness, dizziness, and tachycardia doesn’t clear up… its time to start looking into possibly autoimmune cause.  After being sick myself for so many years with autoimmune/POTS I’ve done lots of research…. I’ve learned a large percentage of women’s dysautonomia occurred (triggered) at pregnancy/birth.  So anyways…. Any recommendations for doctors in the Charlotte area that specialize in dysautonomia or autoimmune?

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I'm not in the USA so do not have any idea where Charlotte is but have you checked our physician's list? Here's a link:


Hope your sister will find answers, it must be awful for her to be so ill  after giving birth.


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Duke Hospital in Durham,NC has an EP/Syncopy Clinic that does tilt table tests and Dr. Camille Frasier-Mills is the POTS doc there. I live in Durham- Charlotte is about 2 and a half hour away....They are very busy and takes a while to be seen but are very knowledgeable.

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